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Stamford Short Courses

Stamford-on-the-rise is as customised programmes to up skill or reskill you to be a better match for the industry. Join our short courses specially designed for students and working adults to fulfil your personal learning experience. We offer short courses that will help you upskill yourself. Alternatively; you can pick up additional skills to further your career in your chosen field or industry.

Our short courses range from simple you technical areas to soft skills Flexible application dates provide an essay to out specialize in a new field without having to change your regular work schedule.


  • Short course are to top up your current qualifications.

  • We are the icing on the cake.

  • Our short courses serve as a pathway to our main programmes.

  • Fits in totally with a busy family life.

  • Working at their own pace with no peer pressure.


Short Courses

Simply English



Hospitality Management


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